Need to ask us a question? Check our frequently asked questions below as they may help, if not please don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Do you have an express alteration service?
Yes we have, we help lots of our clients save the day, so if it’s an emergency please send your enquiry to info@kosznik.com

Do you offer walk-in bridal appointments?
Unfortunately we don’t, we can only work on a by-appointment basis due to preparation and time. Please contact us to check availability.

Can I make a bridal appointment online?
Yes you can! Please use the booking form to arrange a time and we’ll normally come back to you within 24 hours, but during busy periods or weekends, please call us on 01 280 6277.

Do you charge for the first consultation ?
No we don’t, first appointments is free, all the details given will help us to come back with sufficient quote.

Do you sell dresses ?
Yes we do! We have a ready-to-wear collection of dresses that are available to purchase, please do ask for your size, as it’s a unique collection and there’s only one size in each piece. We will try to see what we can do, so please do give us a call.

Can you arrange a late appointment?
Normally we work from 9-5 but in general, yes we can be flexible to our clients and arrange late appointments if necessary.

Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, our jewellery collection and dresses can be sent global, please ask us for shipping prices.

Do you take deposits?
Yes we do, for any project that requires planning and designing, a deposit will need to be taken.

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